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Suffix Symbololgy

  CBOE/CBSX Supports * Not Supporteded  
Type SIAC/CQS Suffix ** Exchange/CMS Suffix NYSE NASDAQ Suffix
Preferred p PR -
Preferred Class "A" pA  PRA -A
Preferred Class "B" pB PRB -B
Class "A" /A A .A
Class "B" /B B .B
Warrants /WS WS +
Warrants Class "A" /WS/A WSA +A
Warrants Class "B" /WS/B WSB +B
Preferred when distributed p/WD PRWD -$
When distributed /WD WD $
Called /CL CL *
Class "A" called /A/CL ACL .A*
Preferred called p/CL PRCL -*
Preferred "A" called pA/CL PRACL -A*
Preferred "A" when issued pAw PRAWI -A#
Emerging Company Marketplace /EC EC !
Partial Paid /PP PP @
Convertible called /CV/CL CVCL %*
Rights r RT ^
Units /U U =
When issued w WI #
Rights when issued rw RTWI ^#
Preferred when issued pw PRWI -#
Class "A" when issued /Aw AWI .A#
Warrant when issued /WSw WSWI +#
* Not all products may be available      
** Suffix immediately follows the root symbol in the symbol field