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Co-Location Facility - Equinix

Co-Location Facility - Equinix

Co-location space for network equipment and firms' applications servers will be available for CBSX utilizing Equinix's NY4 IBX datacenter in Secaucus, NJ. Equinix has a one (1) cabinet minimum requirement. Five cabinets or above can be considered for private cages. Several power options are available.

Current Equinix customers should contact their Equinix Account Executive for information.

Firms new to Equinix and interested in co-locating hardware at the CBSX facility should contact Colum Lavelle from Equinix. Colum can be reached at 312.994.3904 or by emailing

Firms wanting less than a full cabinet for co-location can contact the following firms that provide hosting at the Equinix facility:

  • Born Capital - Derek Haworth 312.896.0001
  • Essex Radez - Nick Radez 312.212.1815
  • Guavatech - Mike Pappas 312.604.4581
  • IDC/7Ticks - Andy Bigane 312.896.1398 or Neil Rudden 312.896.1341
  • R2G - Stefano Durdic 312.834.9000
  • Redline Technologies - Tim Yockel 646.205.2596
  • Victory Networks - John Biesiadecki 312.431.7369