About CBSX

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Liquidity Providers

Each security traded on CBSX has an assigned Designated Primary Market Maker (DPM) obligated to quote continuous, 2-sided markets. Unlike traditional Specialist roles, CBSX DPMs will not act as agents on behalf of orders. In addition, CBSX offers a Remote Market Maker (RMM) program, allowing approved applicants to participate remotely, adding to the liquidity pool. Through a rich rebate program and maker-taker pricing structure, CBSX provides liquidity providers economic incentive to provide the best markets without sacrificing a level playing field for all market participants.

CBSX has appointed the following organizations as CBSX RMMs:

  • GLP, LLC
  • MP Capital
  • Scout Trading
  • Zydeco Trading, LLC

For information on participating as a CBSX RMM click here.